What about the Winter White Dwarf Hamster?

white dwarf hamster

​The Winter White Hamster, also known as the Djungarian Hamster and also the Siberian Hamster is one of the Most Wanted dwarf hamsters available on the market.

Belonging to the Phodopus Genus and carefully connected to Campbells Dwarf Hamster they are frequent as pets in Europe, Asia and the United States.

What distinguishes the Winter White is its own excellent ability to modify the tone of its fur into become fully white as cold temperatures approaches ​-^- thus their name"Winter White".

We're getting every thing there's to know regarding the Winter White Hamster. We'll explore their inquisitive nature, their color-shifting appearances and how to take care of these to provide them with an wonderful lifetime . And the truth that they have been rodents, so they always need some thing to chew.

​Where ​Does ​The ​Winter ​White ​Dwarf ​Hamster ​Come ​From?

​Native to Asia, more specifically northwest China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. In these regions it becomes very snowy in the Winter.

To hide from predators, the winter snowy developed an ability to change its fur color to white (from more brownish throughout Summer) to blend in with the snow.

Where they sleep, but it's not wild because the Syrian Hamster  digs approx. 3 feet (1 meter) down where besides sleepingthey raise their off spring and hide from predators.

All these burrows will on average consume around six entrances and also keep warm in the cold temperatures, all but one of those entrances will be stuffed with wool, animal fur or other similar material it will detect.

​Winter ​White ​Hamster ​Dimension, ​Colour ​And ​Seems

Winter White Dwarf Hamster

​The Winter White Dwarf Hamster is roughly half of the size of a Syrian Hamster and marginally larger than the Roborovski Hamster coming in at 2-3 inches (5-8 cm). Only at that size, it'll often weigh around 1 oz (30 grams).

Winter Whites can be found in three different colors as well as other colors are possible, all these usually are the end result of cross breeding with Campbells Dwarf Hamster. The 3 colors are:

  • Normal ​* gray and black with black eyes
  • Sapphire ​* bluish grey color
  • Pearl ​* chiefly white coated hamster

​And again, while it may not happen in captivity, the chilly white will turn white through the cold temperatures.

During the summertime, the Winter White will (like many other hamsters) have a dorsal stripe, but in comparison to other hamsters, It's Going to have the following distinguishing features:

Winter white hamsters

​Winter White Dwarf Hamsters as pets

​Winter whites are a excellent alternative if you are trying to find a hamster for a pet. It's easy to tame and has a very wonderful character .

It's also slower than the Roborovski Hamster making it easier to handle for smaller children.

Besides its speed and temperament, it's also worthwhile considering it's chiefly active at dusk and at nighttime . The cold temperatures White hamster is nocturnal and consequently, sleeps during your afternoon and is busy during nighttime time.

This, needless to say, fits nicely with the schedule of the majority of people, but it may be a problem when you have tiny kids that belongs to bed early. For most kids (and adults! ) ) There is tons of time to bond in the day . It is fantastic seeing the small lion run through its little tunnels.

At length, a Winter White can live independently and it can also co-habituate together with other winter whites of the same sex.

To sum up, here are the details to Think about Before getting a winter white:


​Winter White Hamster life

​Compared to other pets, hamsters have a rather short life period and the Winter White Hamster isn't any different ​/ it has a life expectancy of 2 years. Having said that, it's the shortest life span of average hamster pets.

Even though this might appear to be a brief time (which it is), it does make it more desirable for first-time owners that are not ready for your own +10 year devotion of a dog.

Because of that a winter white hamster will most likely be the first pet in a family.

Obviously, there are many factors affecting the life expectancy of a person. These include:

life expectancy of a hamster

​Winter White Hamster cages, minimum cage size

​Unlike Syrian Hamsters, Winter White dwarf hamsters can be held alone and in pairs or groups. Here are some guidelines to make sure they don't struggle:

Hamster cages

​Winter White Hamster cages

​To start with : When looking for a dwarf hamster cage, you should be careful when buying a traditional wire cage. Some of these are designed for Syrian Hamsters where a winter can squeeze out between the bars.

When it has to do with hamster housing, remember this:  Bigger is definitely better and the minimal necessary aquarium should be 24 inches long and one foot wide. Even a 20-gallon aquarium will typically adhere with thisparticular.

Here we have listed our three top choices for cold temperatures ​Winter White hamster cages. For your wire cages we have naturally made sure your small dwarf hamster Cannot squeeze between the bars (click to see them):

Best choice

Perfect for 1-2 Dwarf Hamsters

Best ​assemble

1-2 Dwarf Hamsters

Best ​price

​Large enough for 1-2 Winter White Hamsters

​Lixit Savic Hamster Heaven Cage:

Lixit Animal Care

​Excellent alternative for both Allied and Dwarf Hamsters with lots of groundfloor for the own hamster to operate across. It includes integrated tubes and also a wheel. While the wheel is still too small to get a Allied it's perfect for your little Winter White.

Finally, the bars are very close together so there isn't any chance that your little winter white can escape this crate!

​Ferplast Hamster Cage:

  • ​This cage is very distinct from the other two. It's a huge floor with access to bedding and a wheel in the midst and also a little, cute staircase between the two.
  • ​It's extremely easy to clean and the integrated wheel is perfect for a winter dwarf hamster.

​For more detailed information about hamster cages have a look at our guide here.

When you have found the cage that you want, it is vital to have a designated place for the own hamster to eat.

For that you ought to find yourself a food bowl using a size that's large enough to prevent it from leaning over. We recommend becoming one made of stainless or ceramic stuff because these materials can't be chewed up and on top of this are sterile.

Besides food, your hamster will probably get thirsty (from everything running) therefore it'll also need water. We recommend getting a water-bottle . That is again to ensure your hamster does not tip it suddenly have to make do without the liquids.

However, clogs will occur and you also need to wash the cage. We recommended cleaning your cage one time a week.

Finally, you need to design a place in your ​hamster cage at which the hamster can sleep and relax. There are some really adorable options available for hamster huts and we especially love this method to get Winter White Hamsters.

​Here's a Fast checklist for your Wintertime White hamster cage:

  • ​Buy an aquarium or a few of those recommended hamster cages as Winter White hamsters could squeeze through the bars on Most wire hamster cages
  • Pick one that is at at least 24 inches long and 12 inches wide
  • Increase the size by 0.5x for every Additional hamster from the crate (i.e. for two hamsters the crate should be 36 inches long and 18 inches wide)
  • Designate an enclosed area for sleeping agreements
  • Obtain a ceramic or stainless steel bowl and a water bottle
  • Clean the aquarium once Weekly

​Wheels, toys and tubes your Winter White Dwarf Hamster will enjoy

​Besides playing with an entertaining your Winter Whites, then you should also make certain they are able to amuse themselves. This is where toys and tubes enters the film.

You most likely have something from the house it is possible to utilize and great ​cheap hamster toys comprise cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes and cereal boxes.

You always need something that your hamster can chew as its own teeth are continuously rising. Getting something to chew helps to keep tooth at a sensible period.

We also urge having some timber at the crate it could gnaw on at all times.

​Mimic your Winter White's natural instincts with an hamster wheel

​You may know this already but when you don't here's what: Hamster conduct -- they conduct alot and a number of hamsters run the equivalent of 4 human marathons per night!

This unbelievable level of activity means it's absolutely critical to possess a hamster wheel (where they are able to conduct their little marathons).

When obtaining a barbell wheel you can find just two major things to think about:

  1. ​​A plastic wheel. Metal wheels are created with rungs (a lot like a ladder). Your hamster can collapse through the seals and hurt itself. Further, metal wheels frequently have sharp borders. To avert any wheel related harms we recommend getting a plastic wheel constructed of one piece molded together.
  2. Be sure it's large enough! Your hamster will probably hurt if it's working with the arched back. For a Winter White Hamster that means the wheel should be 5 inches (12cm) in diameter.

​Below you can see our three recommended options when it comes to Winter White Hamster wheels:

Best choice

​Both Dwarf and Syrian Hamsters

Best ​​price

​Dwarf Hamsters, too small for Syrian Hamsters

Best ​​seller

​Dwarf hamsters, too small for Syrian Hamsters

​Amazing Winter White Hamster toys

​Once you have your hamster cage ready with a hut and a wheel you should consider adding some toys.

There are necessary to allow it to glance its curiosity also to prevent boredom, and much more importantly, having something to gnaw on can help keep its teeth precisely the right size.

You can readily locate some thing on your home containing cardboard to consider on.

As these are frequently good and solid alternatives, there is always the risk materials not tagged as petfriendly can contain residual compounds that aren't good for the hamster.

And that is why, we urge getting ​hamster toys made for pets (unless you're sure about your household items not containing anything that can be bad for your own hamster ).

​Excite Your hamster's fascination with wooden ladder bridges

Niteangel Wooden Ladder Bridge, Hamster Mouse Rat Rodents Toy, Small Animal Chew Toy

​Our beloved winter white hamster toy could be the wooden ladder bridge. The main reason we love these is it's possible to bend them to make any shape that your hamster will probably love.

Further, since it's made out of wood, the hamster can chew about it -- but do not worry, it can chew on them for a lot of months before the timber seems awful and spoils!

We recommend getting a couple of them. This implies you could always alter the appearance of the cage that'll stimulate the interest of one's cold temperatures White.

​Your hamster will soon enjoy hiding in and investigating wooden tunnels

Niteangel Natural Wooden Hamster Mouse Tunnel Tube Toy Forest Hollow Tree Trunk

​Your hamster will soon enjoy hiding in and investigating wooden tunnels
Another great way to explore the cage is using wooden tunnels. Hamsters love to cover up from enclosed areas and we have had awesome experiences with these. One or 2 of these in the crate may give your hamster a lot of tunnel to play in. Here's a tube we have had great experiences with. We also absolutely adore this little tree train / tube .

​Have your hamster explore your house from the safety of its hamster ball

​Lee's Kritter Krawler Small Animal Ball

​The last toy we urge getting is a hamster ball. Hamster balls are great for the hamsters explore your home.

As an extra plus, it's a wonderful place to maintain your pet when cleaning its crate. For this alone, we recommend obtaining a hamster ball.

While investing in a hamster ball, it is vital to purchase it within the perfect size (as with the hamster wheel). This particular hamster ball is very good for Winter White Hamsters because it has a great size, ensuring your hamster doesn't arch and hurt your own back.

​How to handle your Winter White Dwarf Hamster

​Let's get this out-of-the-way first: Basic hamster care is not complicated, and hamsters may get tame in the event that you train it.

There are five fundamental measures when it comes to taming your own hamster:

  • ​When attracting your hamster home allow it to 2-3 days at which you never handle it and permit it to adjust to its surroundings
  • Start addressing your own hamster and put your hand at the cage.
  • Your final note on taming your Steak: You should never wake up your hamster up once it sleeps!

​The other point to see about Winter White Hamsters is while they have been clean creatures which that you still should clean the cage. You ought to try that one time a week where you remove each of the bedding, wash out the cage and put new bedding in.

While doing so, it can be beneficial to have a hamster ball or even a play pen to keep your ​hamster in check.

​Food, diet and treats for a wholesome and diverse Winter White Hamster diet

Dwarf Hamster

​Winter White's conduct a lot so like us humans they need a good and balanced diet program. Winter Whites are omnivorous so that they eat plants, seeds and meat (insects).

Form insects, this is mimicked in the food you are able to get, and below, we've recorded thre three best options.

Best choice

​High protein content of 16%, even picky eaters love it

Best ​​price

​High protein content of 16%, good value for money. Crunchy pieces good for teeth health

Best ​​seller

​Crunchy pieces that are good for teeth health

​Yet , there are various types of Steak food outthere and when you want to go venture all on your own, below are some tips.

Whatever type of food that you opt to buy you should ensure it's the perfect blend of nuts, grains and seeds having a nutritional balance of 3-6% fat along with 12-15% protein.

​Seed food: The historical option

​Historically, seed hamster food has become the major choice of food when getting a hamster. While it might be okay, it will risk your hamster being picky simply eating its favorite seeds. This will cause a diet not balanced and more difficult, your hamster won't get all of the vitamins it takes .

Thus, should you go with seed food, be certain that the food bowl is empty before giving it longer food.

​Pelleted hamster food: Ensures your hammy has the vitamins that it requires

​Pelleted Steak food is now considered a superior option. Init, everything is mixed accordingly every snack your hamster takes is by definition balanced. Pelleted food usually looks like small snacks, cookies or cereal.

​Your hamster would gratify in these treats

​Like those folks,"normal" food needs to function as the main part of an hamster's diet.

Luckily, most Frequent household greens can also be used for hamster treats and hamsters particularly adore things such as:

  • Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Banana
  • Carrots

​There are also many other snacks you can give it and we have covered hamster snacks widely here.

We urge giving your hamster a treat once or twice a week.

The link above is good in this situation, but in the event that you don't have enough time for it now, we want you to remember one thing: Do not provide your cold temperatures White Steak high acidity foods including citrus and oranges.

Additionally, when giving treats into your Winter White remember it's really a small animal so what appear to be small numbers to us, can be a sizable number for a Winter White.