Syrian Hamster: Complete Guide For Amazing Care

​If you've always desired to learn everything there is to know about the Syrian Hamster, you're in luck now.


​In this guide we are going to cover everything concerning the Syrian Hamster for example its many cute looks, how to correctly care to it, what toys it needs and much more.

Therefore whether you're new to Syrian Hamsters or you've had one for many several years and need to take better care of there's new information for you in the manual below.

​Where ​Can ​The ​Adorable ​Syrian ​Hamster ​Originate ​From?

​Also known as the Golden or Teddy Bear hamster is the largest and most popular hamster as a pet, thus the nickname,'' Golden Hamster".

Ever since being seized by Professor Aharoni at Aleppo, Syria in 1930, also then introduced household pets, they will have improved tremendously in popularity.

​These adorable critters are native to Syria and wider parts of the Middle East including Israel.

​Teddy Bear Hamster ​Color and ​Looks

syrian hamsters

​Through breeding, the Syrian Hamster is available in a assortment of colors including white, white, brown and gray with a white belly.

Along with they usually arrive in however, is their "trademark" golden-brown coat, that has awarded them their nick names, Golden and Teddy Bear Hamster.

Concerning body shape, the hamster features a stout, stocky body having only a little tail barely visible underneath their own fur.

  • ​Syrian Hamsters on average grow to your size of 5-7 inches (12-17cm) in span. That is about the identical size as being a human hand.
  • At that size they'll have a weight of 57 ounces (120-160g).
  • The Syrian Hamster includes large eyes along with small tulip-shaped ears that are covered with fur.
  • The jaw bone and also their ears will probably often be black brown.
  • The fluffy cheek pouches are used to save food!

Syrian Hamsters ​As ​Pets

​These factors combined make sure they are relatively simple to train.

Further, their fluffy appearance and teddy bear like look cause them to become a popular for many families.

Fortunately, Syrian Hamsters are excellent pets for people of most ages, along with their slow pace and size make them a perfect couple to handle -- perhaps not too small or too large, however for the littlest of kids.

Additionally, it is a solitary animal which needs to often be put in their . This helps make it easier to maintain them since you'll never be concerned about having several.

Finally, they are nocturnal, meaning that they spend most of the daylight hours sleeping in their hut. They then become busy through the nighttime making them great pets for people that spend the daylight hours on the job or at school.

This permits ample time to bond from the evening before us humans visit bed and our hamster heads to its own wheel to get some good, solid exercise.

The disadvantage for that is the smallest kids will often go to sleep too early to play with the hamster.

​Syrian Hamster ​Life ​Length ​Along With ​Other ​Facts

Hamster life

​Another attractive feature of the Syrian Hamster compared to different pets is that their relatively brief life span. This usually means you can expect an average healthy Syrian Hamster to own a life expectancy of 2-3 years.

Although this might seem short, this is actually especially attractive for first time pet owners, who will maybe not get ready for a +10 year devotion of a dog.

As a result hamsters will often be the first pet at a family group in which it can be"analyzed" whether the household is ready for the devotion that a pet is.

Naturally, there are lots of factors affecting the life of a person. These include:

  • ​Genetics
  • Sickness (make sure not to keep it in a draft)
  • Diet & nutrition
  • Just how much it exercises
  • Home surroundings
  • Degree of pleasure

​The earliest we know a Syrian Hamster to be is just ​is 6½ years , but this may be the exception from the norm.

​Long Haired Syrian Hamster – Be Ready To Groom It

​The first hamsters introduced as pets had short hair, but using some innovative mating methods , there are now four kinds of coat types: Brief, longhaired, rex and lace.

Subsequent to the short haired lion, the most common Syrian, that's that the typical teddy bear hamster (also known as Angora Hamsters).

Regrettably, only male hamsters can have long fur often reaching three to four inches. This will give it a vibe impact across their underside, whereas female hamsters could continue to keep their normal, glistening appearance.

If you decide to find a long haired hamster you ought to be equipped forgiving it more care . The long coat will become matted, tangles up easily and things will follow the coat.

To combat this, you may give the jacket a gentle dressing using a spoon or perhaps even a little flea comb.

Rex ​Hamsters

​These forms of hamsters are relatively fresh in North America but are common in Europe for a lot of decades. They have a curled, crimped and wavy whiskers having a coating an average of short and dense. It is not necessarily easy to spot the difference between a"normal" Allied along with a rex Syrian.

​Satin Syrians

​Potentially the most beautiful and definitely the most glistening hamster. Satin Syrians have a glossy sheen to their coats where a few fur shafts are hollowed out which provides an ultra-shiny appearance.

​The Golden Hamster ​Has ​Many ​Coat ​Colors

Cream Syrians

​Besides different coatings, Syrian hamsters also be available in lots of colors. Here we have listed the most common colors including gray, black, yellow and reddish . Most Syrians are also a mixture of some or all the colors!

​Cream Syrians

​The cream color comes from many sub forms and can be quite popular. The cream color ranges from sandy to orange-cream and there are further sub types into along with.

These sub-categories have been determined by the color of the eye.

  • ​Black eyed Ointments normally possess dark grey ears
  • Red​ eyes lotions have flesh colored ears

​Black Hamster

​You've probably already guessed it black Syrians have a dark coat! Unsurprisingly, they got a consistent black coating, with a white on the paws and the belly.

When this sort of jet was initially discovered in 1975, it had been wrongly tagged as a black man.

The cause of this is it's a black top coat and a ivory cream undercut. Besides this, it has a black tummy, black eyes and also dark-gray ears, with ivory cream color across the eyes.

​Beige Syrians

​The beige Syrians are infrequent, since they are bred from two kinds of hamsters that themselves are infrequent.

A beige hamster will usually be marginally smaller in birth and might have a kinked tail.

​Syrian Hamster ​Cages

Syrian Hamster

​Unlike dwarf hamsters, Syrian Hamsters are highly territorial. While easy for humans to be around, they should always reside in solitary confinement.

In other words, the principle is one cage each Syrian Hamster! Otherwise, the hamster will get worried, and struggles with other hamsters will break out. In many extreme circumstances these could be fatal and at minimum, your hamster can get very worried.

The territoriality of this Syrian Hamster has led to them with a reputation to be nippy. While they can be nippy they're therefore forget about than other types of hamsters (that is not a great deal!)

Syrian Hamster ​Cages: Bigger ​Isn't ​Always ​Better!

​The space between the bars shouldn't be significantly more than half an inch apart (1cm).

But this may be the minimum cage size and we urge having larger hamster cages.

Below we have recorded our three top picks for Syrian Hamster Cages:

Best choice

​31.5 x 20 x 20 inches

Best ​assemble

​31.5 x 20 x 15 inches

Best ​price

​23.6 x 14.4 x 11.8 inches

​If you would like to have more in-depth information about hamster cages check out our guide here.

Once you have found the cage that you need, it's important to have a passionate location for your own hamster to eat. For that you need to get yourself a food bowl having a size that's large enough to prevent it from leaning over. We recommend getting one made of ceramic or stainless steel steel as these materials cannot be consumed and in addition to the are hygienic.

Besides food, your hamster will also need water. We recommend getting a waterbottle . That is again to ensure that your hamster does not tip it over and suddenly have to make do without any liquids.

Eventually, they ought to design a place in your ​hamster cage where the hamster sleeps and hastens . There are a number of really adorable options available for hamster huts and we particularly love this option to get Syrian Hamsters.

Bonus tip: if investing in a hut for your Syrian Hamster it is vital to check it's large enough. Many are designed for its smaller dwarf hamsters.

Bonus tip two: In case your hamster ever starts gnawing the bars of the cage it indicates the cage is too small, has not enough toys or even both. In case it happens you should take actions immediately.

​Teddy Bear Hamster ​Care

Hamster Strawberry

Firstly all: Basic hamster care is not complicated, and hamsters can become tame in the event that you train it to be so.

There are five basic measures when it comes to bettering your own hamster:

​When bringing your hamster home allow it to 2-3 days at which you never handle it and permit it to adapt to its surroundings.

Start speaking with your hamster and put your hand at the crate .

For a far more comprehensive guide to taming your hamster you can go the link .

A final note on bettering your hamster: You should never wake your hamster up once it sleeps!

​This will lead to an adverse reply and can create the taming process considerably more challenging.

The other thing to see about Syrian Hamsters is whether they have been clean animals which you still must clean out the cage. You ought to do that one time per week where you remove all the bedding, wash the cage and put new bedding .

While doing this, it may be beneficial to own a whole hamster ball or a play pen to keep your ​hamster under control.

​Wheels, toys and tubes that your Syrian Hamster will adore

​Besides having fun with an entertaining your hamster, you should also make sure it has plenty of tubes and toys to play .

Some great cheap ​hamster toys include ​hamster board boxes, toilet roll legumes and cereal boxes. The reason for these toys is that your hamster's teeth are always growing and this also helps keep them at a reasonable period.

We also recommend having some wood at the cage it could gnaw on at all times as well.

​Mimic your hamster's natural instincts with all the hamster wheel

​Besides some thing to gnaw on your hamster needs exercise -- a great deal of exercise!

That is why it's absolutely fundamental that you invest in a hamster wheel.

From the wild, hamsters basically run allnight to get food and we will need to mimic that inside their cage -- and that's where the hamster wheel is available in.

After obtaining a barbell wheel you can find two things that Are Extremely significant:

  1. A plastic wheel. Metal wheels are created with rungs (such as a ladder). Your hamster can fall through the traps and hurt itself.
  2. Further, they frequently have sharp edges. To avert this, obtain a plastic wheel made of one piece formed together.
  3. Your hamster must not run with an arched backagain. As an Syrian Hamster which means that the wheel should be 8 inches (20cm) in diameter. )

Below you can view our three recommended options when it comes to hamster wheels:

Best choice

​9 inches in diameter

Best ​​price

​11 inches in diameter

Best ​​seller

​8.5 inches

​When you have your own ​hamster cage all create with a hut and a wheel you also must look into adding some ​hamster toys.

There are necessary to prevent boredom on your own hamster and will help peek its own curiosity, and much more to the point, having something to gnaw on can keep its teeth under control.

As these are usually good and powerful alternatives, there is also a risk these can contain residual chemicals which aren't great for your hamster.

And this is exactly why, we urge getting"real" hamster toys unless you're sure about your household items not containing anything that can be sterile for the hamster.

Stimulate your hamster’s curiosity with wooden ladder bridges

Niteangel Wooden Ladder Bridge, Hamster Mouse Rat Rodents Toy, Small Animal Chew Toy

​The reason we love these is it's possible to flex them to make any shape which your ​hamster  will enjoy. Further, because it's made out of wood, your hamster could chew about it -- but do not worry, it can chew on those for many months before the timber spoils! Click the link to visit our favourite hamster bridge.

​We recommend getting some of these. This ensures you could always alter the appearance of the cage that may stimulate the interest of one's own territorial.

Your hamster will love hiding in and exploring wooden tunnels

Niteangel Natural Wooden Hamster Mouse Tunnel Tube Toy Forest Hollow Tree Trunk

​Yet another excellent way to learn more about the cage is through using wooden tunnels. Hamsters love to cover up in enclosed locations and we have had great experiences with these. One or 2 of them from the crate may deliver your hamster a lot of ground to play on. We also absolutely adore this little tree train / tunnel.

​Have your hamster research Your Home from the security of its hamster ball

Kaytee Giant Chinchilla Run-About 11-1/2-Inch Exercise Ball

​The concluding toy we urge getting is that a ​hamster chunk . All these are fantastic for having your ​hamster research your house.

As an extra benefit, the ball is just a wonderful spot to keep your furry friend when cleaning out its cage. For that , we recommend getting a hamster ball.

If investing in a hamster ball, it's important to get it in the right size (like the hamster-wheel ). This particular hamster ball is great for Allied Hamsters as it's a fantastic size, ensuring that your hamster doesn't arch its rear.

​Food, ​Diet and ​Treats ​To ​Get a ​Healthful and ​Diverse Syrian Hamster ​Diet


​Besides the insects, this is mimicked in the hamster food you are able to get.
But , there are various types of hamster food outthere and it can be a challenge to figure out what is most useful. Generally, there are two Kinds of food you can buy:

  • ​Seed Hamster Food
  • Pelleted Hamster Food

​Whatever kind of food you opt to buy you should make it has the perfect blend of nuts, legumes, grains and seeds with a nutritional balance of 3-6 % fat along with 12-15percent protein. Here We've listed our top three selections for Syrian Hamsters:

Best choice

​Both Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters

Best ​​price

​Both Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters

Best ​​seller

​Both Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters

​Seed food​

​Historically, seed food has been the major choice of food when getting a hamster. While it could be okay, it does risk your hamster being picky only ingestion its favourite seeds. This will cause a diet not balanced and more difficult, your hamster won't get all of the vitamins it takes .

Thus, in the event that you go with seed hamster food, be sure that the food bowl is empty before committing it more food.

​Pelleted Hamster Food

Pelleted Steak food is currently considered a much superior option. In it, what's mixed accordingly every bite your hamster takes is by definition of balanced. Pelleted food usually resembles small biscuits, cereal or biscuits .

As a result of balanced eating plan, we also suggest getting pelleted Steak food. We have had great experience with this particular specific type of hamster food.

​Your hamster would indulge in those treats

​Like those folks,"normal" food should be the primary part of a hamster's diet.

With that said, and again, just like us humans, hamsters love treats. Fortunately, most Frequent household greens are also utilized for hamster treats and hamsters especially adore things for example:

  • ​Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Banana
  • Carrots

​Additionally, there are lots of different snacks you can provide it and we have covered hamster snacks extensively here.

The link is good in this situation, but in the event you don't have time to get it now, we would like you to remember 1 thing:  Don't provide your Syrian hamster high acid foods for example oranges and citrus .

​Facts about the Syrian Hamster

​Syrian Hamsters in the wild

​Since you've probably already figured Syrian Hamsters are out of Syria, hence the name. In this hot nation, they delve deep to the bottom to own a home that's satisfactorily concealed -- and they have been shown to dig as far down as 11 yards (10m)!

This may sound look much for this type of small mammal (and it's !) But Syrian hamster are excellent diggers.

In their burrows they not only have sleeping arrangements, but also"rooms" for preserving food and a blind-ending branch for example bleeding. Often the burrows will also have multiple entrances.

Finally, these heavy burrows additionally keeps the hamster safe from other predators.

Exactly like when it is housed as being a pet in the comfort of one's house, the Allied Hamster lives a solitary existence from the wild.

As for life expectancy, it's just only a little shorter in the open. This is mainly due to the threat from other predators in addition to more infrequent access to water and food.

​What to do in case your hamster gets pregnant


​When you grow partial to your Syrian hamster it might seem like a fantastic idea to have Shrimp infants .

But while it might seem to be a fantastic idea we urge not attempting to get stereotypical infants . That is a result of the American Humane Society counseling against it.

The main reasons for doing this are:

  • ​Syrian hamsters may eat their babies
  • It's hard to find a new home for your own infant hamsters (a Syrian will typically have 3-7 litters) and Significant pet suppliers like Petsmart and Petco don't buy or obtain Modest creatures from private owners

​With that said, should you have Syrian hamster babies or your own Syrian hamster is pregnant, here will be the most important pointers:

  • ​When a baby hamster gets your odor the mother might refuse it
  • Labour usually takes 12 hours with 15-30 minute intervals between your little pups getting into the society
  • Don't disturb or put in the cage for two weeks. This has to do with the mother potentially rejecting the babies if they get human scent.
  • Make sure there is enough water and food
  • Separate the cyclists in the age of 4-5 weeks
  • Syrian Hamster breeders / adoption / price
  • Syrian Hamsters generally cost between $5-$20 and as such, are relatively inexpensive to obtain.

​However, prior to you go to your pet store we recommend taking a look at adopting a hamster rather than For advising who are our two main reasons:

​Shelters are generally better at taking care of hamsters when compared with pet stores.

​As an instance, many pet stores will have Syrian Hamsters in areas where they are together with other hamsters, they under no circumstances ought to be.

This does not happen at shelters and humane societies, even where the well being of the creature is priority.

​Shelters will even definitely sex the animals to be certain nobody accidentally gets pregnant.

​Again, this is not necessarily the case at pet stores (it's really is hard to ascertain the sex of a hamster) and there have been stories, even where people have brought home a pregnant hamster from your pet shop.

​Syrian Hamsters and hibernation

​As we've already mentioned Syrian Hamsters are out of Syria...

Here it is hot in the day but due to all of the united states being a desert, in addition, it can get cold during the nighttime. When it becomes cold a Syrian Hamster could get into hibernation.

As a rule of thumb, a Allied can deal with temperatures between 60-78f (15-25c) readily with no adverse effects.

But in case it drops under these beams from the room its own cage is init may go into hibernation.

But why does my hamster need to hibernate?

Hibernation is truly a very intelligent ability of a few animals. The reason for going in to hibernation is that cold weather typically indicates less food.

Rather than getting the same calories whenever there is not as much food, a few creatures simply gets the ability to close down to the absolute minimum calorie need. The most well known case is bears, however, hamsters have the same ability.

If your hamster enter hibernation you may mistake it if you are dead, as its breathing is going to be very slow and almost motionless. Further it won't react to sound, lighting or being relieved.

So how can I wake my Syrian up from hibernation?

It was actually only a half truth it will not answer being picked up. If you pick it up and handle it lightly, stroking and warming it, you will wake up it up.

​Syrian Hamsters and their ever growing teeth

​Hamsters are mammals that belong to the rodent family. In summary being part of this rodent means itsteeth are always growing.

In other words, hamsters are created together with their own teeth that keep growing through their whole life.

Where us humans brush our teeth, hamsters take care of these teeth (and keep their size in check) from gnawing on materials .

When there is nothing to gnaw on at the cage, then the hamster will only start gnawing the cage instead -- a sure indication that something's wrong.

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​Syrian Hamsters vs ​Dwarf ​Hamsters

​When we opt to have a hamster, the decision is typically between a Syrian hamster or perhaps even a dwarf hamster.

​Therefore what are the chief differences between both of these kinds of hamsters?

  • ​Syrian Hamsters are somewhat larger than dwarf hamsters
  • The Syrian Hamsters is available in many more varieties concerning pattern and colors compared to dwarfs
  • Further, their own jacket can be both long and short
  • Syrians should live independently, where as stunt anglers may also reside in same sex pairings
  • Syrians are slower
  • Syrians camera stay tame even if they have not been attended to for a day or two. Dwarf hamsters need care daily