Best Bedding For Pet Rats To Buy In 2019

pet rat bedding

Pet rat is no doubt an adorable option for those who love to observe miniature animals like rats. If you have one or have planned to keep a rat as your pet then you must be needing a proper cage where you will it and a comfortable bed to keep it cozy and relaxed for better sleep and play time.

You may look for the Best  Rat Beddings that creates a comfortable environment for the rat and may also assist in reducing smells, keep the rat dry and clean and will not rot soon. Such bedding options are easily available online but you need to make sure that your rat will enjoy having the bed in its cage without any issues. Here we’ll be discussing all the features, possibilities, requirements and the best things about the rat bedding materials for those who have a rat as their pet.

Top Pick: Best Rat Bedding

Fibrecycle Usa Inc

Best High-End

Fibrecycle Usa Inc

Purina Yesterday's News

Best Mid-Range

Purina Yesterday's News

Healthy Pet

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Healthy Pet


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Bedding For Pet Rats

As a fact pet rats are little wonder that some people would love to keep as their pets at home. These rats need special care, cleanliness, and healthy environment to stay active and carry on their nibbling activities all day long. They prefer burrowing under the bedding materials and playing on the rollers. To keep them active and fit and away from any sort of diseases, it necessary to keep their bed dry, clean, free or chemicals and odors and also the various scents.

To make sure you will give your pet rat the best bed ever, you must consider the following things before you finalize the bedding materials:

The bedding should be all-natural materials

It is mandatory to have all natural bedding materials made of shredded wood or paper. This ensures that your pet would not be subjected to any kind of chemicals and harmful substances. Most commonly people would think about keeping some fabric or cotton for rats as their beds, but it has been seen that these materials don’t possess high absorption power which may create a mess inside the rat’s cage and may also create odors. All natural products are better than these materials instead.

No need to buy scented bedding materials

Most people may think that they should buy scented bedding to avoid rat smell, which is not the right choice. You should consider buying an odor free and odor controlled bedding that is capable to provide chemical-free bedding for rats.

High absorption power is needed

Most of the litter materials provide the highly absorptive consistency that offers quick absorption for dry and moisture free surface to give the rats the comfort they need.

Rats don’t like clinging or dusty materials

Make sure you don’t buy the clinging or clumping materials as if the bedding becomes wet and starts clinging on their paws and body hairs, this would be irritating for the rats. To ensure they will be kept dry and clean, make sure to choose a dry, non-clinging material.

Understand the nature of the rats

Make sure you know what rats love and what they hate. They love having cozy beds and they would definitely need to stay dry and clean.

Rats love digging in burrows

To make sure your rat stay happy while in their cage, you should make sure that you keep the bedding materials that are comfortable and soft and have enough capacity to provide the digging activity for your rats to keep them active and energized all day.


Things To Avoid In Rat Bedding

There are a few things that you should avoid keeping in your rat’s cage i.e:

  • Never try to use scented or chemical-laden materials for rats
  • Make sure to avoid using synthetic materials as well because they may create issues for rat’s health
  • Try to avoid clumping bed or materials that do not absorb moisture and ammonia within seconds

Top 3 Best Rat Beddings

To help you find the best rat beddings, here are our top 3 picks so that you may not get into any sort of confusion.

Critter care HPCC Natural Bedding by Healthy Pet 30-Liter

Fibrecycle USA Inc. Back-2-Nature Small Animal Bedding 20 Liter

For those who want to buy comfortable, natural, dry and clean, easy to manage bedding for pets to keep them healthy and relaxed, then this Healthy Pet HPCC litter would be the best to use. This is our top pick for the small pets.

Due to its natural consistency as soft yet absorptive components made with all natural materials, it is not harmful to the small pets and can absorb moisture quickly while leaving the bed dry and comfy.

This litter is specially made to absorb 3 times more than its actual weight that increases its efficiency. The quick absorptive surface ensures that the moisture will be dried out leaving no smells or unwanted odors behind. When in use, the litter expands up to 2 times than its actual volume. The actual volume when packed comes as 12.5 liters whereas it may expand up to 30L at its full potential.

The specialized yet natural components make sure the ammonia produced during the urination process would be absorbed quickly. The overall composition is more like brown paper shredded into small pieces with increased absorption. The materials are dust free creating no issues for pets having sensitive breathing mechanism. The base material is biodegradable and also is easily compostable after being used by your pet. It is basically the retrieved wood pulp that is all natural and your pet would love to dig in burrows and play or may love to sleep under it.


  • The material is all natural made of retrieved wood pulp
  • Virtually dust free
  • Absorbs ammonia quickly
  • Keeps the pet dry and cozy
  • It is biodegradable
  • Perfect to use for pet rats, rabbits, and other small pets

Purina Yesterday's News

Purina Yesterday's News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter; Unscented Low Tracking Cat Litter - 30 lb. Bag

As a fact rats may not feel happy in a dusty, clumping, and wet or moisture-laden environment. To provide them odor free bedding, paper and wood materials that are free from any sort of additives and chemicals prove to be the best solution to provide them a comfortable bedding. This Yesterday’s News pet bedding material provide non clumping surface that leaves the surface dry with no moisture or ammonia deposits.

The material is a majorly recycled paper having o odors or scent for the sake of giving your pet an all-natural bedding that would be great to relax on. Controls the odor issues and will leave the pet bed clean and smell free. Assumed to be 99.7 percent free of dust and is non clinging as well.

It provides 3 times more absorption power as compared to its actual volume with an enhanced absorption. Widely recommended by the U.S veterinarians.


  • All natural products with no chemicals or scents
  • Dust free and paw-friendly bedding
  • Non-clumping and highly absorptive
  • Keeps the bed clean and odor free
  • Easy to remove
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Non-clinging, paw-friendly

Fibrecycle USA Inc. Back-2-Nature Small Animal Bedding 20 Liter

Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding, 30-Liter

Fibercycle is another natural animal bedding that promises to provide soft and comfortable bedding for your pet rats and other small pets. Most of the small pets may not prefer going on the bedding materials having scents or dust on them. It is usually preferred that when you keep these small animals, make sure to provide the natural and dust free bedding that ensures quick moisture and ammonia absorption.

This is a perfect small animal bedding that ensures unique pet-friendly formulation that will keep your pet healthy and safe from hazardous components and circumstances. It is majorly used with recycle paper materials and have no chemicals in it. It controls odors and prevents unwanted smells.


  • Made of all natural materials and recycle paper
  • Provides extra absorption power to keep the bed soft and clean and dry enough for the rat
  • Easy to manage and remove
  • Non-clumping
  • Dust free
  • Free from scents and chemicals


As we have discussed here, rats need dry, moisture absorbent and ammonia absorbent bedding that would keep them clean enough to stay healthy. For this purpose, you should choose the best bedding for pet rats that are available on the market. To make sure this, you have to select the bedding material that is made up of natural components like the reclaimed wood or recycled paper which provides quick absorption of the urine and ammonia in it without leaving the surface wet or messy.

Further, the litter you may use should not be clumping as this would create an uncomfortable zone that your rat would hate to have in its bed. Making use of recycled wood or paper could be the best option as it will be free of dust issues, clumping or developing molds. It is therefore recommended that you need to select the bedding that is not