Best Guinea Pig Food: What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Guinea Pig Treats

​Did you know that 80% of a guinea pig diet is something humans cannot eat?

This is just actually a surprise to most, but now, we will show you how to get the very best guinea pig food for a suitable diet.

The Key to a good guinea pig diet plan is balanced meals and here is your full breakdown of the recommended daily diet for your pig:

  • ​Around 80 percent timothy hay
  • 10-15% snacks such as vegetables and fresh herbs. Take for the equivalent of inch cup-full, which will contemplate ~2oz (50 g )
  • 5-10% litres of guinea pig food. One-eight of a cup or just a little less than the ounce is all they need. If they have been fast growing pigs upto age 4-6 months, you could double this ratio.

​If you're in a hurry we've recorded our best selections for the best hay, most useful treats and most useful pellets it is possible to buy for your own pig and below we go into a lot greater detail.

​Best Hay For Guinea Pigs

​Best Food Pellets For Guinea Pigs

​Best Treats For Guinea Pigs

​Best Guinea Pig Food (Go with Pellets)

​When it comes to finding the very best guinea pig meals to your small cavy there are 3 major things to learn:

  • ​Go with pelleted guinea pig food as a musli kind can lead to selective feeding and also a well-balanced diet
  • Guinea pig pellets are full of calories and therefore, your guinea pig should only be fed. Ordinarily, this means they should be fed just only a little less than a oz per day.
  • Eventually , you ought to buy proper guinea pig food and perhaps maybe not be satisfied with hamster, rabbits or even species which are additionally fed pellets.

​Depending on these criteria, as well as the overall nutrient value of their food and also how well it is received by the guinea pigs themselves, we have hand-picked the three most useful types of food for your guinea pig below.

​In the event you've got two guinea pigs a 10-pound bag can continue approx. two weeks.

Best ​Option

​High vitamin C count, very fresh, ziplock bag to keep food fresh, most piggies like it

Best ​​price

​High vitamin C count, good protein count and most piggies like it

Best ​​choice

​Balanced diet with high protein and vitamin C content

​Best Guinea Pig Hay

Guinea Pig Hay

​We are going to start with some thing perhaps not all people know...

For both the and dietary factors, probably the most important thing in the cage is hay, which the guinea pig should always have use of. That is why:

  • ​One's teeth at the back part of the mouth area of a pig are all ground down throughout the silica in grass and hay.
  • For that reason, hay must constitute approximately 80% of the daily food consumption

​Now, the million-dollar question becomesWhat kind of hay should you feed your guinea pig?

  • ​The short response is a Sort of hay called timothy hay
  • The slightly longer answer is to feed alfalfa hay when they are up to 3 months old as this contains more calcium, and then change to timothy hay then

​In addition, you have to feed your guinea pig hay that is tender and more grass like when compared to rigid hay which is more straw-like.

​With these considerations in mind, as well as the reception the different types of hay get out of guinea pigs, we've identified the three most useful options below when it comes to guinea pig hay.

Best choice

​Super soft and leafy hay, all stems (that are harder) have been cut out

Best ​​Option

​Some basic type of hay as out top pick, but has not been cut as much. Instead is sold at a lower price

Best ​price

​The value for money that is somewhat cheaper but still a high quality

​Best Guinea Pig Treats

​Possessing some good guinea pig hay goes a ways, since they'll shell out a lot of time chewing this, but for variety, a guinea pig additionally enjoys a few treats.

A number of these, you'll have around the house and include:

  • ​Kale
  • Celery
  • Green beans
  • Bell-pepper

​Generally, attempt to feed them greens as opposed to fruits, which are high in sugarlevels.

​Form things you've got round the home, a great deal of guinea pigs enjoy treats that are specially made for them. Below we've accumulated our top 3 choices to get guinea pig treats. All of these are safe to feed and certainly will keep your guinea pig occupied for some time.

Best ​choice

​Your guinea pig will love to feast on these apple-flavored sticks

Best ​​price

​Rice pop treats that are low in calories while giving your guinea pig something to do

Best ​​Option

​Treats packaged like dog treats, which are easy to give one at a time and are great for the digestive system

​Keeping A Fresh And Healthy Guinea Pig Diet

Guinea Pig Food

​After giving your guinea pigs treats (they'll spoil quickly) you want to be diligent about removing rice fruits, veggies, and other harmful foods. Ideally, you also need to test for incomplete or unaffected snacks one hour or so following offered these for a pig.

In terms of the pellets, these should be replaced daily. Guinea pigs frequently kick bedding stuff or droppings in their food bowls, and sterile pellets are going to have little if some, vitamin C left inside them.

Whether there are lots of pellets left from the food bowl every day, you are probably giving your pig a lot of. An eighth of a cup is really all that's wanted.

Finally, the hay should be set in a hay rack as well as your guinea pig should always have access to hay.

​Guinea Pig Food List (Fruit And Veg List)

​In addition to the timothy hay and pellet food diet of one's guinea pig, you should try to add fruit and vegetables to the diet (mostly the latter).

Here we have listed ordinary household items that are used to supplement the guinea hens daily diet.

pig food

​Vitamin C for Guinea Pigs

​Your thyroid gland needs vitamin C and although there's vitamin C at the timothy hay recommended with this particular page it is maybe perhaps not sufficient to satisfy the demand of your guinea pigs.

Because of this, you ought to supplement its hay diet with food that comprises vitamin C.

  • ​The foodstuff pellets recommended with this page all have vitamin C included. 
  • However, be aware that vitamin C degrades quickly so make sure you modify your guinea pig's food pellets every day.
  • Add leafy greens to the diet plan program. Dark greens like broccoli, broccoli, cabbage, broccoli, and dandelion provide good sources of Vitamin C. These must be the major supplement to your guinea pig's dietplan.
  • When this isn't sufficient, consider feeding your pig vitamin C supplement. All these are made to mimic the look and feel of a treat for your guinea pig.

​Feeding Guinea Pigs Every Day

​Why is it that I need to feed my guinea pig daily?

Let's start by asking a question: If you had a cat or your dog do you feed it every day?

You would, naturally, feed it every day, and the exact same is true for your little piggy -- the very truth that it is smaller and lives in a crate does not alter this.

This will even result in another advantage: You'll be able to monitor the intake of one's piggies.

If a person suddenly stops eating or drinking this can be a possible indication of a disease and if it happens, we recommend seeing a vet.