Top 3 Best Large Guinea Pig Cages

Let us begin with a little-known fact:

Most cages sold for guinea pigs are too small!

And unfortunately, we have heard many stories of people who have depressed guinea pigs, merely because they were surviving in ​guinea pig habitats that were too ​small.

Because of this, we have decided to produce this article outlining the ​best guinea pig cages out there...

In case you are in a hurry, there are our pick of those ​best guinea pig cages directly below the cut.

Below that, you will find a thorough guide about how to set up your guinea pig cage.

​Best Guinea Pig Cages (for 2)

​After researching a lot more than 50 different types of guinea pig (and rabbit!) Cages, we have found 3 large guinea pig cages which we may suggest to all guinea pig owners out there there.

These three cages are this is the best options, and large enough to host 2 guinea pigs.

Best ​option

​47 x 24 x 14 inches

2 guinea pigs, but unlimited with extensions

Best ​price

​47 x 23 x 19 inches

2 in basic configuration, up to 3 guinea pigs with extensions

Best ​Choice

​47 x 23 x 20 inches

​2 guinea pigs

​Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus review

Guinea Habitat” Guinea Pig Cage & Accessories by MidWest

​Even the Midwest guinea pig habitat plus is handsdown, the best option for some senior pig owners out there. There is a lot to love about this c&c cage and here's our Most Important motives for loving it:

  • Large: The guinea habitat also is approx. 10 square feet as a whole, with all the most important area being square feet and the ramped, maintenance area being 2 square feet. It is thus more than large enough for just two guinea pigs
  • Effortless to clean: Come with removable, leak proof and washable picture bottom. Furthermore, underneath provides security for the feet of their guinea pig. When cleansing, you can use the divider to keep the beans in the care or the drama place, while you wash out the other Place
  • Expandable: Looking to secure more guinea pigs or simply wish to provide your current pigs more space? No problem, as you can easily enlarge the guinea habitat throughout the cord gates
  • Effortless to use outdoors: Can easily be detached from the bottom yarn and utilized outside. Your pigs will love this through the Summertime
  • Removable top: it is possible to choose whether to have the most effective on or maybe not. For Those Who Have dogs or cats, this is a good idea, as You can safely remove it if you have no other pets on your Home

​The main reason most don't comprehend this really is needing a much more typical cage that's simpler to go.

​Midwest Home for Pets review

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Rabbit & Guinea Pig Cage, X-Large, White & Red

​If you're searching for a traditional indoor cage, then our budget pick is from Midwest, the exact same company that makes the Guinea Pig Habitat Plus we reviewed previously. Here's why this is a Wonderful cage:

  • Large: Yes, the same reason as previously, as this can be the number 1 criteria for a guinea pig cage. This one is available from just shy of 8 square feet at the very bottom, but also provides additional floor floor space from the eating area, which attracts us into... This makes it a onestop shop and makes sure you do not neglect to get such a thing.
  • Option for Additional distance: In addition to the cage, you also can Find a wire extension and/or a wooden masonry extension, both of which attracts the Whole space up to approx. 11 square feet
  • Easy to clean: The two side doors length the complete diameter of the home, which makes it easy to clean. Furthermore, There's a large top door in Case You Only Want to carry your piggies out for Play Time
  • Effortless to move: The cage is quite sturdy and easy to move (especially in comparison to the c&c cage).

​AmazonBasics Pet Habitat: Jumbo review​

​AmazonBasics Small Animal Habitat, Jumbo

​Amazon themselves has recently entered the area of guinea pig cages and they've done so with wonderful success.

It comes with a number of the same attractions whilst the Midwest dwelling for Pets above, being the same size, obtaining the same accessories and being effortless to wash and move. Moreover, both are super easy to build.

Rather than replicating ourselves we want to indicate a few differences between both ​cage rather.

Even the Amazon cage cannot be enlarged at the exact same manner the above cage may. Therefore, should you think that may possibly be getting more piggies later on, go for the Midwest cage.

The Amazon cage has a bigger feeding region. It includes a couple of advantages. Possessing a larger eating area in itself provides more distance, both towards the top and the deck and many pigs just such as the extra solitude of a larger hideout below.

​How ​Big ​Should ​A ​Guinea ​Pig ​Cage?

guinea pig cages

​When obtaining a crate for the guinea pig, then size matters. The Humane Society gets got the following Recommendations for cages:

  • 1 guinea pig: 5 square feet cage (minimum) size.
  • 2 guinea pigs: 5 square feet (minimum), however 10.5 square feet is favored
  • ​3 guinea pigs: 5 square feet (minimum), but 13 square feet is preferred
  • 4 guinea pigs: 13 square feet (minimal ), but much more is better

​Regrettably there really are a lot of backpacks available with a smaller size. In this column, you'll observe that each of the cages we recommend are larger than that which is required for two guinea pigs.

If you wish to accommodate more than just two guinea pigs, you should go for c&c cages, because these will be the easiest ones to enlarge.

​C&C Cages and ​What is a C&C cage?

​The definition of a C&C cage is “cubes and coroplast”. The very first C stems out of the frame and cable portion of the cage is constructed of wire grids. Or to put it differently, the cubes.

The next C refers to Coroplast. This pertains to the plastic sheeting on the base of the cage. This has some noteworthy attributes such as:

  • ​Nontoxic
  • Water- and pee proof
  • Won't Be harmed by vinegar, soap, and other commonly used cleaning things
  • Indigestible even in case your piggy somehow eats it, it will only pass through its digestive tract

​You're able to construct a c&c yourself, but it may be hard to find the material. Additionally, you want to make sure both cube and coroplast are safe for the guinea pig, that may need a lot of research.

With Nevertheless, there are a few good options on Amazon and You Will Need the following:

​DIY Guinea Pig Cage

​If you are seeking to make a DIY guinea pig cage, you'll need cubes and you will require coroplast. Here are the most useful options we have discovered.

​Cubes for DIY Guinea Pig cage

​We recommend getting two of these to be on the secure side.

​Pet Playpen Animal Fence Cage

​Coroplast for guinea pig care

​Concerning coroplast, it's very important you receive the right kind. The item below resides up to all of the requirements and will have a lot more than adequate floor space.

Coroplast for guinea pig cage

​Large ​Guinea ​Pig ​Cages

​If you are in require of a large guinea pig cage to accommodate 4 or 2 guinea pigs, you're going to want at least 13 square feet of ground area for the piggies. It could be rather hard, if not impossible to find a classical cage this particular size, and you will have to go along with a c&c cage instead.

​Here you basically have two options:

​Get two of Midwest Guinea Pig Habitats. This can provide at least square feet of play area and will be simple to assemble. Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest w/ Top Panel, 47L x 24W x 14H Inches

​DIY Guinea Pig Cage

​Assemble a cage . We recommend getting the Tesco Playpen and the coroplast for guinea pig care.

​Cheap ​Guinea ​Pig ​Cages

​Back in today, you frequently overpaid for guinea pig cages which were too small, of low quality and hard to wash.

In the past you only had the local petstore to depend on.

Fortunately (for both proprietor and guinea pigs) that is no longer the case and now there certainly are a great deal of nice and cheap options available on the market.

However, if you are supposed going to put money into a properly sized guinea pig cage with at least 7.5 square feet of distance, the reality isthat it's associated with a value however a price tag, which is affordable for most, and also you ought to be prepared to save money on guinea-pig hay and food than you do for your own cage.

Having said that, our pick for a budget cage is your Midwest Home for ​pets. It includes a great deal of significance for the price tag, and also the addition of hay rack, water bottle, food dish and also the raised space will probably help you save a lot of money in comparison to cages without this build in.

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Rabbit & Guinea Pig Cage

​Indoor ​Guinea ​Pig ​Cages

​There are a number of wonderful reasons for having the guinea pig cage indoors. Listed below are a Couple of Reason why people recommend getting it indoors:

  • Low and stable humidity: Guinea pigs like a low and safe humidity (they come from the plains at the uncontrolled ). Fluctuations in- and - higher humidity is just as awful for a guinea pig because a high temperature. This means that you should set the cage indoors with safe humidity and maybe not in a garage or near laundry rooms or pops.
  • Draft free: Drafts are awful for guinea pig health plus they can get infections from drafts.

​Where ​To ​Put ​Your ​Guinea ​Pig ​Cage

​Based on temperature, humidity and the probability of drafts, we recommend placing your cage inside, preferably in the livingroom . Here are some reasons why:

  • ​Socializes the Guinea-pigs
  • ​Is close family action (which your piggies adore )
  • Not on the ground -- you will look like a giant and the piggies will sense each measure more
  • ​In Addition, It's easier to pet the Guinea​ pigs and Wash the cage when not around the floor

​What ​Do ​You ​Really ​Need ​In ​A ​Guinea ​Pig ​Cage

​Whenever you have gotten the large cage (which you cavy will love) it really is time to figure out what to put in it. Here is our checklist:

  • ​Ceramic food bowls work the best as they truly have been un-tip-able and un-chewable. You need to purchase one for each piggy you've got.
  • A home to hide in. All these are crucial as your piggy demands a location where it may sit feeling secure. Again, you will want one house per pig.
  • If you are unsure exactly what to expect, we've covered house accessories and toys here.

​Easy ​Clean ​Guinea ​Pig ​Cage

​One of those things you must do so just as a guinea pig owner is cleaning the crate, also unfortunately, there is no simple way around this.

But having a strategy set up and also a cage that's well suited to cleaning helps. Here is the system we use to the C&C cage below:

  • ​Put the guinea pigs into the smaller area, seal it off together using all the divider and wash the large living area, substituting all of bedding and cleaning off the toys
  • Reverse the process and Place Your pigs from the play area once you clean everything at the small care area
  • This usually requires 15-20 minutes plus we advocate doing it once weekly


We hope you've enjoyed this guide to this pig case. Because you can observe, there are unfortunately a lot of (too) small guinea pig vented out there, but using our guide, you can simply bypass them.

When You Have any questions, just inquire we'll be ready to answer them