Chinese Dwarf Hamster: Complete Guide For Amazing Care


​The Chinese Hamster, also referred to as the Chinese Dwarf Hamster and striped Steak is one of those five types of hamsters that are common as a pet.

The striking characteristic of the Chinese Hamster compared to other hamsters is its own shape. Quite simply, a Chinese ​hamsters includes a longer and thinner human body (specially compared to the Syrian Hamster) and has a more tail.

And in the current article, we're likely to pay everything there's to learn more about the Chinese Hamster.

​Chinese Dwarf Hamster Color And Looks

​Only at that size, it'll often weigh approximately 1 to 1.5 ounces (28-42 grams).

The Dwarf Hamster comes with a dark brown shade and is occasionally confused with a ​Roborovski Hamster. It is white on the abdomen and has a dark dorsal line along its spine.

The last feature to note in the Chinese Hamster is that it has a more and longer conspicuous tail compared to other hamsters.

​Chinese Hamster: Behavior and Character

dwarf- hamster

​Like the Robo Hamster, the Chinese Dwarf Hamster is very active. Ergo, if you take it out from the cage, then it's really a good idea to place it in a playpen or some hamster ball.

Additionally, do for its speed it can be very tough for smaller children (below age 7) to successfully handle an Chinese Hamster.

Form simplicity with which you are able to handle the hamster, it's also worthwhile considering it really is most active at dusk and at night. The Chinese Dwarf Hamster is nocturnal and as such, collapses during your day and can be active during nighttime. It really is most active around 6 PM and after that.

Needless to say, this fits well with the program for most people, of course if you have children aged 7+, there'll be a good deal of time for them to play with the hamster at the day.

In the end, a Chinese Hamster can live alone and it may also co-habituate together with additional Chinese Hamsters of the same sex. If you have not had a ​hamster earlier, we urge having only one Chinese Hamster at a cage to"know the ropes".

In Conclusion, here are the details to Think about Before becoming a Chinese Hamster:

  • ​Very nice character
  • Very quickly (for a dwarf hamster)
  • Harder than most other hamsters to Manage
  • Awake in the night and at night
  • Can dwell alone, in pairs or in groups

​Chinese Hamster ​Lifespan ​And ​Other ​Facts


​Compared to other critters, hamsters have a relatively short life span and the Chinese Hamster isn't any different -- it's a life expectancy of 2-3 years. That is very typical for some hamsters regardless of strain.

Though this might appear to be a short period (which it is), it will make it even more attractive for first-time pet owners who are maybe not ready for your own +10 year commitment of your pet dog.

Owing to the, a Chinese ​hamsters will usually function as the first furry friend in a family.

Of course, there are many factors influencing the life expectancy of a person. These comprise:

  • ​Genetics
  • Sickness
  • Housing environment
  • Diet & nutrition
  • Level of happiness
  • Just how much it moves

​Chinese Hamster ​Cages, ​Minimum ​Cage ​Size ​And ​Huts!

​Here are some tips to make sure they don't fight:

  • ​Introduce the hamsters at a young age and at the latest before their 12-week birthday
  • Be certain that they're exactly the identical gender
  • In case you find any symptoms of a fight between your hamsterss, separate them instantly

​Best Chinese Hamster Cages (bigger is always preferable )!

​To begin with : When looking for a dwarf hamster cage, you should be more careful when going for a conventional wire cage. Some of these are built for Syrian Hamsters by which a Chinese Hamster can squeeze out between the bars.

Below we have recorded our three top choices for the very finest Chinese hamster cages. For the wire cages, we have obviously made sure your little dwarf hamster Cannot squeeze out between the bars:

Best choice

Perfect for 1-2 Dwarf Hamsters

Best ​assemble

1-2 Dwarf Hamsters

Best ​price

​Large enough for 1-2 Winter White Hamsters

​Lixit Savic Hamster Heaven Cage:

​Lixit Savic Hamster Heaven Cage

​Fantastic alternative for both Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters with a great deal of groundfloor for the own colony to operate around. It comes with integral tubes and also a wheel. As the wheel is too small to get a Allied it's perfect for the Chinese Hamster.

Last, the bars are extremely close together so there isn't any chance that your small Chinese digs can escape this cage!

​Lixit Animal Care Savic Dwarf Hamster Cage, X Large

​Lixit Animal Care

​This hamster cage includes plenty of similarities the crate . Rather than replicating the features, we'll say that the gap, which is principally there are fewer tubes constructed in this cage. Besides that, this will be to a large degree the same as above.

​Ferplast Hamster Cage

Ferplast Hamster Cage

​It has a massive floor with access to bedding and a wheel in the middle and just a little, cute staircase between them both.
It is extremely easy to wash and the integrated wheel is ideal for a Chinese dwarf hamster.
For more in-depth information regarding the best hamster cages checkout our guide here.

​Interior decorating for the perfect hamster home

​Once you have found the cage you want, it is critical to own a designated place for your hamster to eat.

For that, you need to find yourself a food bowl with a size that's large enough to block it from tilting over. We recommend becoming one manufactured from stainless steel or ceramic stuff as these materials cannot be consumed and on top of this are hygienic.

Besides food, your hamster will probably get hungry (from everything running) so it's going to additionally need water. We recommend getting a waterbottle . That is to ensure that your hamster does not tip it suddenly need to make do without any liquids.

But clogs will occur and you will need to clean the cage. We recommended cleaning your cage once weekly.

Finally, you need to design a place within your hamster cage where the hamster may relax and sleep . There are some really adorable options out there for hamster huts and we especially love this program for Chinese Hamsters.

  • ​Buy an aquarium or one of our recommended hamster cages as Chinese ​hamster might squeeze through the bars of additional cable cages
  • Pick one that is at at least 24 inches long and 12 inches broad
  • Raise the size by 0.5x to each extra hamster in the cage (i.e. for two hamsters the crate must be 36 inches long and 18 inches wide)
  • Designate a enclosed area for sleeping agreements
  • Obtain Yourself a ceramic or stainless steel food bowl and a water bottle
    wash the aquarium once Weekly

​Best ​Wheels, ​Tubes and ​Toys that the Chinese Hamster will love

​Besides playing and amusing your Chinese Dwarf, you should also make certain they can entertain themselves. This is really where toys and tubes enter the picture.

You probably have some thing in the house you can use and good cheap hamster toys incorporate cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes, and cereal boxes.

You always need something your hamster can chew as its own teeth are constantly rising. Obtaining something to chew on helps keep tooth at a reasonable period.

We also recommend having some timber in the cage that it might gnaw on at constantly.

​Mimic your Chinese Hamster's natural instincts with the hamster wheel

​You could know this but when you don't here's the thing: Hamsters run -- they conduct alot and some hamsters run exactly the same of 4 individual marathons per night!

This extraordinary degree of activity means it's absolutely critical to have a hamster wheel (where they could conduct their tiny marathons).

When getting a barbell wheel you'll find two significant things to think about:

  1. ​Get a plastic wheel. Metal wheels are made with rungs (a lot like a ladder). Your hamster can fall through the seals and hurt . Further, the metal wheels often have sharp edges. To avert any wheel related injuries we recommend getting a plastic wheel constructed of one piece formed together.
  2. Be sure it's large enough! Your hamster will probably hurt if it's running with an arched back. For a Chinese Hamster that means the wheel needs to be at least 5 inches (12 cm) in diameter.

Here you can see our three recommended options in Terms of dwarf hamster wheels:

Best choice

​Both Dwarf and Syrian Hamsters

Best ​​price

​Dwarf Hamsters, too small for Syrian Hamsters

Best ​​seller

​Dwarf hamsters, too small for Syrian Hamsters

​Once you have your hamster cage ready with a hut and a wheel you must look into adding some toys.

There are essential to allow it to glance its fascination and to prevent boredom, and more importantly, having something to gnaw on can keep its teeth exactly the perfect size.

You can readily locate something in your house including cardboard to consider on.

While these are frequently nice and solid choices, there is always the chance materials not tagged as petfriendly can contain residual chemicals that are not great for your hamster.

And that's the reason why we advocate getting ​hamster toys produced for pets (unless you're sure about your household items not including anything that may be sterile for your own hamster ).

​Stimulate your hamster’s curiosity with wooden ladder bridges

Niteangel Wooden Ladder Bridge, Hamster Mouse Rat Rodents Toy, Small Animal Chew Toy

​The main reason we love them is you're able to bend them to earn any shape which your hamster will love.

Further, because it's made out of wood, the hamster can chew about it -- but do not worry, it can chew on them for several months before the wood moves awful and spoils! ​

We urge getting a handful of them. This implies you could always alter the appearance of the cage that'll trigger the interest of your Chinese Dwarf.

Your hamster will adore concealing in and explore wooden tunnels

Yet another excellent way to learn more about the cage is by using wooden tunnels. Hamsters love to hide in enclosed places and we have had awesome experiences with these. One or two of them from the cage will deliver your hamster a lot of tubing to play . Here's a tube we have had great experiences with. We also definitely love this little tree train / tunnel.

Niteangel Natural Wooden Hamster Mouse Tunnel Tube Toy Forest Hollow Tree Trunk

​Have your hamster research your house from the security of its own ​hamster ball

​The last toy we all recommend getting is a ​hamster chunk . Hamster balls are fantastic for having your hamsters explore the house.

As an added benefit, it's a great place to keep your pet when cleaning its crate. For this , we recommend obtaining a hamster ball.

If buying a hamster ball, it's important to purchase it within the ideal size (like the hamster-wheel ). This specific hamster ball is good for Oriental Hamsters because it has a fantastic size, ensuring that the ​hamster does not arch and hurt your own back.

Lee's Kritter Krawler Small Animal Ball

How to handle your Chinese Dwarf Hamster

​Let's get this outoftheway first: Basic hamster care is not complicated, and hamsters may get tame if you train it.

  • ​When attracting your hamster home give it 2-3 days where you do not handle it and allow it to adapt to its surroundings
  • Start speaking with your hamster and put your hand at the cage.

​For a more comprehensive guide to taming your hamster you can go here.

Your final note on taming your hamster: you need to never wake up your hamster once it sleeps!


This will result in an adverse reply and certainly is likely to create the taming process troublesome.

The other point to see about Chinese Hamsters is while they have been clean creatures which you still need to wash the cage. You need to do this once a week where you remove all the bedding, then clean the cage and put brand new bedding in.

While doing this, it may be beneficial to have a hamster ball or even a playpen to keep your ​hamster  in check.

​Chinese Hamster – Best food, diet and treats

​Chinese Hamsters run a lot like us humans they require an excellent and balanced eating plan. Chinese Hamsters are omnivorous which means that they eat plants, seeds and meat (insects).

Form insects, that really is mimicked in the hamster food you are able to get.

But there are many types of ​hamster food on the market also and it's really a challenge to determine what really is better.

  • ​Seed Hamster Food
  • Pelleted Hamster Food

​Whatever kind of food you opt to purchase you should ensure it has got the right blend of nuts, seeds and grains with a nutritional balance of 3-6percent fat along with 12-15% protein.

​Seed food:

​Historically, seed food has become the most important choice of food for a hamster. While it might be fine, it can hazard your own hamster being picky only ingestion its favourite seeds. This will result in a daily diet well-balanced and worse, your hamster will not receive all the vitamins that it takes .

Ergo, if you go for seed food, be certain that the food bowl is vacant before giving it longer food.

​Pelleted hamster food

​Pelleted Steak food is now considered a better option. In it, everything is mixed accordingly every snack your hamster takes is by definition balanced. Pelleted food usually resembles small snacks, cookies or cereal.

As a result of balanced diet plan program, we also suggest getting pelleted hamster food. Listed below are out best 3 choices for hamster ​foods:

Best choice

​High protein content of 16%, even picky eaters love it

Best ​​price

​High protein content of 16%, good value for money. Crunchy pieces good for teeth health

Best ​​seller

​Crunchy pieces that are good for teeth health

​Fortunately, most common household greens are also utilized for hamster treats and hamsters particularly love snacks such as:

  • ​Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Banana
  • Carrots

​The link is very good for reference, but in the event you have no time for it now, we would like you to remember one thing: Don't give your Chinese hamster high acid foods for example citrus and oranges.

In addition, when giving treats to a Chinese Hamster remember it's really a little creature what exactly seem like small numbers to people, can be a sizable number to get a Chinese Hamster.

​Helpl! My Chinese Hamster is pregnant

​When you grow fond of your hamster it might seem to be a fantastic idea to hamster babies.

But while it may seem like a great idea we urge not attempting to get stereotypical infants . That is a result of this American Humane Society advising against it.

The main reasons to do so are:

  • ​Chinese ​hamters might consume their infants
  • It is hard to find a new Household for your infant boomers (a Chinese Hamster will generally have 3-7 litters) and major pet providers like Petsmart and Petco do not buy or obtain Modest critters from private owners

​With that said, should You've Got Chinese ​Hemster infants or your own hamster is pregnant, here would be the most important tips:

  1. ​When a baby hamster receives your odor that the mommy might possibly reject it
  2. Labor often takes 1-2 hours with 15-30 minute intervals between the tiny pups getting to our society
  3. Do not disturb or put in the crate for at least two weeks. This again has to do with the mum potentially rejecting the babies if they obtain the human odor.
  4. Make sure there Is Sufficient water and food
  5. Separate the ​hamster in the age of 4-5 weeks

​Hamsters are mammals which appeal to the rodent household . In summary being member of the rodent means itsteeth are always growing.

To put it differently, hamsters are born together with their own teeth that maintain growing throughout their entire life.

Where us humans brush our teethtake care of the teeth (and keep their size check) by gnawing on material .

If there isn't anything to gnaw on from the cage, then the hamster will only start gnawing the cage alternatively -- a sure sign that something's wrong.

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